In 1991…

a company called Ultra-Lite developed concept of an aluminum round trailer. Their theory was revolutionary! But they had limited experience on using or building trailers until Jimmy Wink joined their efforts. Jimmy visited the plant and right away saw the need for improvements in the design. With these design improvements he ordered his first trailer to be used as a demonstrator for the mid-west market. His changes to the designed followed the concept through several name changes and owner ship over the next 5 years.

In 1996 Jimmy formed “American Trailer Mfg. ” These trailers boasted an additional savings of 450 lbs, making it the lightest trailer to be made. In 2000 Wink designed the MAC half round that is marketed by MAC Trailers in Ohio. In 2009 the president of East called to seek the assistance of Wink in designing a Half Round for East. After failed negotiations East decide to go it alone.

For over 29 years

Jimmy Wink has owned and operated a fleet of over 150 dump trailers. Realizing the true capabilities of the 1/2 Round through experience firsthand, he decided that the 1/2 round was undoubtably the best performing dump trailer on the market. Having close to three decades of firsthand experience in this field, Jimmy felt as though he had the answers for all the design improvements needed to make the 1/2 round trailer the most sought-after dump trailer on the market.
In 1999, “American Trailer Mfg.” was sold to “Fruehauf of Mexico” and relocated to Elba Alabama where Fruehauf closed the plant in 2000.

In 2010

Jimmy’s non-compete was up and still full of innovations, he Patented his latest idea and formed Wink Trailer Corp. The 2010 & 11 times were tough for startup companies and the two banks Wink had done business with were some of the banks closed by the Government and Wink move production to Mexico where trailers were produced up until 2016 when Wink purchased back the equipment and moved back to the USA. In November of 2017 Wink moved production from Kentucky to Katy Texas and contracted Vantage Trailers to manufacture the Patented Aluminum & Plastic design. Because Vantage had many customers need the All-Aluminum Half Round like the Wink Design, Wink agreed to make some modification and allow Vantage to produce an All-Aluminum Half Round and market as Vantage Trailers. With all of the products of Wink and Vantage they together can provide every type of dump trailer with the most innovative designs with the lightest empty weights making a great mix of product.


Through extensive research and development, Jimmy Wink has developed the next generation of half round Aluminum & Plastic Dump Body and Side Dump that can do 80% of the work done with Steel Body designs. With new production planned to start just 40 miles West of Minneapolis of the Minivator Dump Bodies and Innovator Side Dump Wink’s products bring 2-ton to 3-ton weight savings over the current designs of Steel.

Again, Wink is changing the way things are transported. This new concept is unique because it combines two proven materials, aluminum and plastic. Which achieve the same results that current conventional designs achieve. These Patent Pending Utility Patents are just a few of the patents Wink has filed for protection worldwide.

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