• Double Wall with only UHMW floor

    39 foot, 60 inch sides, 48 cubic yards 3/8" thick UHMW Floor. Grain Door, Lift Axle. with Shur-Co electric roll tarp shown.

  • WINK has Balanced Fifth Wheel

    Balanced Fifth Wheel eliminates glad-hand problems when hooking and un hooking.

  • Side Dump Multi Axle

    The UHMW gives the impact resistance to the body that is unmatched, this Innovative design can reduce the empty weight of an average side dump by 2,000 to 5,000 pounds and still handle products often hauled using UHMW thus eliminating sticking when hauling wet or sticky products.

  • Aluminum UHMW Half Round

    Dumping Wet distillers Grain. 40 ft. FRAMELESS "Innovator" Tandem Axle. It has 60 inch sides with a carry capacity of 48 Cubic Yards. Comes standard with a 3/8 inch UHMW plastic, Air Ride, Non Load Bearing Legs, Sure Lock Type Roll Tarp and a Front Access Door. Weighs in at 9,800lbs.

  • Half Round Body

    16ft "MINIVATOR" has half inch UHMW plastic for asphalt with 72 inch sides, 26 cubic yards, 30 inch cab shield, hoist and hinge package weighed 3,200 lbs. Available in Custom lengths.

  • Anti-Tipping Device

    DUMP PROTECTION, PATENT PENDING SAFETY SYSTEM FOR ANTI-TIPPING has Three levels of protection for purchase. 1. Warning Light, 2. Horn and Warning Light, 3. Hydraulic Release Valve and Warning Light. This Patent pending Device is available for ALL Trailer Brands! Universal fit for all dump trailer models.

  • Aluminum and UHMW Plastic

    The Wink Trailers use a proven plastic made in the USA. The Wink Trailers are designed around the use of this special UHMW to replace the need for all the aluminum. It is not recommended that you haul materials that should be hauled in a steel trailer.

  • Super Tolvas Made in Peru

    Super Tolvas designed by Jimmy Wink in Lima, Peru. Jimmy was hired to design and set up the plant to manufacture the Aluminum 1/2 round (American Trailer) design to be sold in Peru for the mineral mines. This design weighed 3 metric tons less than conventional trailers.

  • Aluminum Flatbed

    Aluminum Flatbeds for any job. This one is carrying 2 - 23 metric ton coils of steel. Contact:

  • Steel Hardox 450

    Steel & Aluminum is put together to save weight and to give options to having a thicker floor and thinner sides with out loosing strength. Contact

  • Steel 1/2 round

    Wink Trailers 1/2 Round Steel designs are made differently than the other manufacturers. Wink uses full length sheets eliminating the circumferential seams to one.

  • Wink All Alum G6

    The 6th Generation of 1/2 Round Aluminum trailers by Jimmy Wink contact

  • Drive Lights

    Drive lights for added safety for working at night.

  • Asphalt

    72' sides, 26 cubic yards