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We Build Custom Dump Trailers

We can also repair your damaged dump trailer. We take damaged trailers in on trade for new trailers. Each and every trailer is painstakingly developed and created using only the latest in trailer technology. With over 30 years in the trailer building process, Wink has the experience, and know how, to create a custom dump trailer for you. Start earning more today.


  • Dumps

  • Side Dumps

  • Dump Bodys

    For Work Trucks and Trailers

  • Work Truck Bodies

    1/2 ton thru 2 ton





Whether your looking for an Aluminum or Steel trailer or want to use UHMW, We can build you a new trailer. We also can fix/repair your existing trailer. Interested in trading in that old damaged trailer? Call today! The Patented Anti-Tipping Feature is available for ALL Makes and Models of Existing Dump Trailers.


  • 1.

    Increase Payloads

    Increased Payload equals more Profit per trip and faster return on your investment.

  • 2.


    Wink Designs are safer to operate with lower center of gravity and faster release of product reducing the chance of tip over

  • 3.

    Anti Tip Safety

    Protect your investment with our Anti-Tipping safety feature. This system can be fitted to ANY make or model of dump truck or trailer. Whether it be a Freightliner, Peterbilt, International, Mack, Kenworth or any other. Safety is key to being successful. Contact your insurance agency to see if you can receive a discount for having a Wink Anti Tip Safety Feature installed on your dump truck.


Ultra High Molecular Weight

This new composite polyethylene design has taken an additional 1,000 pounds out of the lightest half round and/or square dump trailer currently being built and sold by allowing the plastic to take the place of aluminum sheet and redesigning the aluminum extrusions to provide all the necessary strength.


  • After six years of use, 7 loads a day of stone the trailer has exceeded my expectations. Liner still in great shape!! Hoping to order several more in the spring. Trailer so tough, I flipped the truck and trailer in snow while driving. DOT uprighted the trailer and loaded the salt back into the trailer. I hooked up another truck and after inspecting the trailer closely, i was able to drive it back to the salt yard and dump it!!

    Jim Webber