Patented UHMW Design

Over Eight years in the field proving it works!

Anti Tip Safety Measure

Anti Tip Dump Protection

photo credit to Star Gazette, Jason Whong

2017 Innovator

Aluminum and UHMW Plastic Model

Aluminum Half Round

All Aluminum Half Round

2018 Side Dump

Four Hinge System to Dump Left or Right

UHMW Half Round

25' Aluminum and 1/2" UHMW Plastic dump body weighs 4,000lbs. Hoist and hinges.

Multiple options

WINK Custom Built Dump Trailers. Anti Tipping Feature, Tarps and Tarp Systems, 3/8 inch Thick UHMW plastic. 1/2" optional. Choose from Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Gray, Black, Orange, Match the color of your truck. Click for a list of options.

More Options

Repair Services for all Trailer Types

Anti Tip feature can be installed on ANY Existing Trailer! Will take your wrecked trailer in on a new one.

If you have a damaged trailer needing repair, give us a call. We can repair your trailer back to operating again. Or we can upgrade your existing trailer. Call for details. We take Trade Ins.