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Wink Trailer, LLC., is currently looking for investors or production with anyone looking to expand their product line by producing the Wink Trailer designs. Click here to see more.

For over 35 years Wink has owned his own fleet of 250 units (150 end dumps). Since 1989 has been a leader in designing trailers that advance the industry by designing, strong and light weight trailers (Alumitech, American Trailers- ATM, MAC, Vantage, Wink) that are still the lightest designs in the world. Unlike any other trailer manufacture his hands-on use of them in his transport company gives him the experience and knowledge to design what needs to be produced to best benefit the end user.

Wink has all the material dies and drawings for these field-tested designs. With over 25 years of in the field testing these are proven designs ready for someone with the desire and capitol to expand their products. The current market is looking for options other than the current manufactures of similar designs. The potential annual revenue of 22 to 40 million with time saving production processes, integration of common parts and innovative assembly processes that maximize the bottom line. All his knowledge, innovative assemble processes and drawings will be part of any agreement.

For more information please contact Jimmy Wink @ 812-305-3165 or

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Safety System

The only true safety system that automatically controls the dumping process by stopping 98% of the tip overs. This system is being sold all over the world, advancing the safety of drivers, customers and end dumps both on and off-road that are being used in the mining or construction industry. The Wink Anti Tip system is advancing the industry to a safer and accident free business by automatically protecting the drivers, customer and the company.

Wink for more than 35 years operated his own fleet of 150 end dumps. During these 35 years he used just about every trailer brand made and discovered that these end dumps tip over when most unexpected. The over whelming data shows that 98% of the time the driver failed to judge what was level enough to start raising the body or their reaction time to any left or right movement was 2 to 3 seconds too late to prevent a tip over. Drivers are human, we humans must first pay attention, second react. With all the distractions today and time limits on drivers due to DOT Logbook Rules, Cell phones keeping them abreast of any social problems there is a greater risk of mistakes today than ever in our history.

The increasing cost of new and used equipment, insurance, workers comp, it all drives the risk of your investment higher and higher. With the Wink Anti Tip Over System you can reduce this risk by 98% for around 1% of your investment. You can train drivers, give drivers the assistance to make good decisions every day, educate your customer in what is level enough to safely dump by presenting the system on the job when you have a customer that wants the load dumped in an unsafe spot. Your insurance company will welcome this and in most cases after the entire fleet has been fitted with this system your insurance provider will help with the cost.

In recent studies by some safety professionals they have stated that this unique safety system can be compared to the same advancement in safety that the ABS brake systems provided for the entire industry worldwide.

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